Welcome to Housecat

Housecat is a social investing economy for Web3. The core idea is to democratize crypto investment strategies for users while making it easier for individuals to become portfolio managers.

The problem: Lack of time & crypto knowledge

  • Crypto is growing and evolving so fast that it’s a full-time job to know what to invest in.
  • As of 2021, it is estimated global crypto ownership rates are at 4%, with over 300 million crypto users worldwide.
  • Global asset manager AuM in traditional finance is approximately $100 trillion. DeFi (TVL), by comparison, is between $50-250 billion (2021/2022).
  • Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, few have time to research which projects to invest in. This challenge will only get bigger as new users enter crypto over the next several years.

The solution: Mirror those who you trust

  • Influencers, trusted personal brands and people you know, look up to, or trust are the best in providing signals to navigate and build trust in a new and often unfamiliar product category.
  • Mirroring investment strategies widens access for the larger audience to start learning and earning in crypto. This is especially true during times of high market volatility.
  • Smart contracts enable trustless mirroring based on transparent on-chain performance KPIs.
  • Everyone who can inspire a following can start earning fees without the responsibility of having to manage a large pool of capital. With Housecat, you get the benefits of having a fund-like structure without the downsides of managing money directly on behalf of individuals or institutions.
Last modified 1yr ago