Export your private key

If you used an email address to log in to Housecat, follow these steps to export your private key and send the funds to an exchange.

  1. Withdraw all of your investments in Housecat one by one.

  2. Export your private key by logging into your Housecat account here: https://reveal.magic.link/housecat

  3. Follow the instructions to export the private key. Never share your private key with anyone, or you may lose your funds.

  4. Install the MetaMask browser extension (recommended): https://metamask.io/ to your browser or any other wallet application that supports the Polygon chain.

  5. Add the Polygon chain to MetaMask using these instructions.

  6. Import your private key to your wallet application following the company’s instructions.

  7. Using the wallet application, send the funds to any centralized exchange like Coinbase.

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