Housecat enables you to share your portfolio and establish your Web3 presence while building a following and on-chain AUM to earn fees.

If you are unsure what to invest in or have limited time or knowledge of the crypto space, you can easily follow Housecat's portfolio managers and see how they are investing. You can track their performance and subscribe to the people you want and trust.

You can easily subscribe to a fund manager at Housecat simply by connecting your crypto wallet to the platform, selecting the manager and clicking “Subscribe”. Proceed with selecting the amount you wish to subscribe with, and you are all set.

You can withdraw your funds at any time from any manager to your own crypto wallet. Just visit the 'Subscriptions' page, select the portfolio manager and proceed to withdrawing. Similarly, you can also increase your subscription amount if you want to.

Simply connect your wallet to the platform and buy/hold/sell assets that are whitelisted by Housecat on Polygon. Your actions will be mirrored to your subscribers using smart contracts.

Housecat is a non-custodial service, meaning that we don’t store our customers’ login information in our databases or have access to your funds.

The decentralized finance ecosystem relies on open source smart contracts. Housecat v1 is reviewed by security researchers, but not formally audited. We have formal audits booked for the near future.
We encourage you to use discretion when investing with an emerging technology.
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How do I become a portfolio manager at Housecat?
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