Complete your profile

Each Housecat user has the possibility to fill their profile page with relevant information. It is recommended to at least fill out your email to receive important notifications and other updates from Housecat.

To stand out from the crowd, be sure to select a unique profile name and update your profile picture. Also, there is a section on the profile page to describe your investment strategy and to link your social media accounts directly to Housecat.

By linking your social media accounts to your profile, your followers can easily find and verify your profile. Writing a comprehensive and authentic description helps to build trust between you and your subscribers and thus increases your potential subscription amount and earned fees.

Ideas for writing your investment strategy

  • Which category of tokens do you invest in? (general, small-cap, metaverse, data economy...)

  • How often do you trade? (multiple times a day, once a week...)

  • What's your typical style? (buy & hold, swing trading...)

  • Do you focus on fundamentals or technical analysis?

  • What are your recent successes? Did you discover emerging tokens that 10x’d?

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