Create your portfolio

TL;DR: Tokens from this list that you have in your non-custodial wallet on the Polygon chain will be automatically shown in your portfolio. If you logged in with an email, it’s not currently possible to create a portfolio for others to subscribe to.


  1. Send funds to your wallet address, which you have connected to your profile on Housecat. It's important to send the funds on the Polygon chain, since Housecat only mirrors tokens on Polygon.

  2. Trade tokens using any decentralized exchange like 1inch. Take into account, that only tokens listed in the Supported tokens page will be shown on your profile.

  3. Head over to your profile page on Housecat. The portfolio allocation will be automatically updated and mirrored to your subscribers. Trade tokens until you are happy with the portfolio.

  4. If you want, you can change your fees in settings. By default the fees are set at 1% (management fee) and 10% (performance fee).

  5. Share your profile link and invite others to subscribe to your portfolio. As others subscribe, you earn fees.

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